Customers with Disabilities

Website Accessibility

At Alamo, we take website accessibility seriously. If for some reason you are having trouble with our website, we are available 24/7 to assist at (844) 602-3271.

Mobility Devices

Alamo is committed to providing a range of mobility devices for our customers with disabilities. Hand controls, spinner knobs and pedal extenders are available at no additional charge. We typically require two business days notice for mobility device equipped vehicles. However, at certain major airport locations, mobility device equipped vehicles may be available with as little as 24 hour notice. Please note that our ability to provide mobility device equipped vehicles may vary based on the availability of mechanics who are qualified to install the devices. Please also see Alamo's Statement of Policies and Procedures for the Provision of Services to Individuals with Mobility Impairments.

Designated Drivers

Disabled customers who do not have a driver's license can still rent with Alamo when accompanied by a designated driver who presents a valid driver's license. Minimum age restrictions apply, but there is no additional charge for the designated driver.

To Make a Reservation

For more information or to make a reservation, please call our Alamo Reservation Center at (800) 651-1223.

If You Wish to Rent a Lift-Equipped Van

Alamo does not offer lift-equipped vans for rental. In many major metropolitan areas, specialty companies offer vehicles equipped with wheelchair lifts and other devices for both short-term and long-term rental. Wheelchair Getaways and Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals are examples of such companies.   You can contact Wheelchair Getaways at or (800) 642-2042 and Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals at or (800) 456-1371

Please note that Alamo provides this information as a courtesy to its customers only.  Wheelchair Getaways and Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals are not affiliated with Alamo or any of its subsidiaries.

Customer Service

For customer service inquiries relating to customers with disabilities, please call, email us at